Skunks can become a major nuisance when they take up residence in and around your property.  US Wildlife Removal provides humane wildlife control services throughout Washington. We’ll quickly trap and relocate skunks that have invaded and nested in your home or office building.

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Skunks living on your property can be a threat to your family and pets. Aside from the horrible smell that comes along with skunk spray, skunks are dangerous to handle

  • Skunks are the primary carriers of rabies.
  • Skunks can viciously bite and claw at you.
  • Skunks can spread canine distemper and hepatitis.

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    Skunks are shy and generally peaceful creatures. They won’t attack you on your property or harm your pets. But these critters can be a major hassle, especially with the smell they emit. To learn more about skunks visit

    When they feel endangered skunks can spray humans and other animals with a nasty odor as well. No one wants their property smelling like skunks. And, even without the smell, skunks can cause all kinds of property damage. 

    Your garden, garbage, yard, and even your trash may be ransacked by skunks if they decide to live near your home. In short, homeowners will have a hard time living alongside a skunk. So, you need to get rid of these animals if you think they are making a home on your property! 

    There are a few ways you can do this successfully. But, we will talk about how you can remove skunks painlessly and humanely here in this post.

    skunk removal

    How To Get Rid of Skunks On Your Property:

    1. Secure Your Trash 

    Preventative measures are important. Ideally, you should have your trash tightly sealed and covered with a sturdy trash bin. This way no animals get into your garbage. However, if you don’t cover up your trash or leave it outside in the open, now is the time to secure any trash lying around your property. 

    Especially if you have skunks on your property, you’ll need to properly tie up and store any trash. We recommend getting a trash bin with a cover that can be locked up.

    1. Get Rid of Food Sources

    Skunks are not picky about what they eat. In fact, they will eat all kinds of things that they find around your home. This includes any bugs, edible plants, nuts, fruits, and even your garbage. We talked about securing your trash already. 

    But, in addition to securing your trash, you also want to pick up any garbage or food that is lying around your property. For instance, if you have leftover food, don’t leave it sitting outside. Pet food should also be taken in at night, as this is when skunks are most active. 

    We also recommend cleaning up your garden or yard. If you see nuts, fruits, and other edible substances, get rid of them immediately. This way skunks won’t have a food source to sustain themselves with.  

    1. Try Using Natural Sprays

    You could spend money on skunk sprays and repellents. Still, natural ingredients can be used to make your very own skunk repellent spray. Peppers, onions, jalapenos, water, and other spices can be mixed together in a spray bottle. This spicy concoction should be sprayed around plants and other areas the skunk roams near. 

    1. Take Care of Your Grass

    Bugs and other grubs can grow in your grass, especially if you don’t take care of your lawn. In short, you need to keep up with lawn maintenance. This way skunks don’t have a food source to scavenge from. Again, skunks will eat almost anything, this includes bugs they find on your property. 

    Mowing your lawn regularly will help, but if you want to take more drastic measures you can treat your lawn with chemicals that will kill any grubs.

    1. Put A Fence Around Your Home

    Skunks tend to hide in low-altitude areas. You won’t find them on your roof or in other locations that are high up. This makes fences highly effective against skunks. Building a fence around your property can be a great preventative measure. 

    But, if you already have a skunk on your property, try taking all the food sources off your property as we talked about. The skunk will have to search for food elsewhere. Once it is gone, put your fence up, this way the skunk won’t have access to your home. 

    1. Use Lights and Loud Sounds

    Finally, you can use lights and loud sounds to get rid of skunks. These wild animals are not fond of bright lights. They also scare easily with sounds. Try using motion detectors and wind chimes to keep skunks away from your property.

    Contact US Wildlife Removal

    In some cases, you might not be able to remove a skunk from your property on your own. If the other methods in this guide are not working for you, please feel free to contact US Wildlife Removal. Again, skunks are not dangerous but you do need special permission to trap and transport wild animals in most states. So, it is better to have a professional handle the job for you. 

    With our help, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of animal removal. We are available to help you remove skunks and other wildlife humanly and safely. So, contact us today if you need to get a skunk off your property.


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