Residential Nuisance Wildlife Removal Services


When you call us to deal with your nuisance wildlife, we’ll send our people out as soon as possible, to take a closer look at the situation. A full inspection will unveil the information we need to create an effective treatment plan that is both fast-acting and aggressive, getting right to the heart of the problem.

Exclusion devices, cage trapping, kill trapping, and even physical removal of animals are all approaches we have open to us, but we’ll decide on the right one for you and your nuisance wildlife problem when we can better understand which will work. Exclusion, for example, doesn’t work for female bats nursing young pups. The pups will die inside the now-sealed building once the adult bats have been excluded.

Are you having problems with pest animals in or around your home or property? Why not let us help you out with your residential wildlife removal? Our experienced technicians have many years of experience in dealing with the removal of pest animals and preventing them from being able to come back, and we are proud to offer you the best services in the local area.

What can we offer you?

Our services for residential properties include: locating and removing live nuisance wildlife, locating and removing dead nuisance wildlife, full repair, and restorations for animal damage, trapping and relocating or euthanizing, property modifications to prevent further problems, and much more besides.

Where can we offer our services?

Get in touch with us online or over the phone to find a residential wildlife removal technician in your local area

Nuisance Wildlife Location  

Animals can often get into the darkest and deepest recesses of your home, often areas that you won’t find easy to reach. We have an array of state-of-the-art tools we can use to help find and then remove your pest, allowing us to remove it and then prevent future problems with the least amount of damage and interruption.

Wildlife Removal

We have specialist expertise in the removal of residential nuisance wildlife, including capturing or otherwise removing rats, mice, voles, shrews, squirrels, foxes, moles, raccoons, gophers, armadillo, groundhogs, and snakes.

Our strategies for wildlife removal are tailored to the individual property, allowing us to tend to each aspect of the problem. In some cases, removal will require the use of snare pole traps, live cage traps, or lethal kill traps. Other properties are better suited to exclusion approaches. We determine the right treatment plan for the property based on what we learn during our initial inspection.

Wildlife Damage Repair & Restoration

Even an animal as small and seemingly insignificant as a mouse can cause widespread damage to a residential building, including holes in roofs, walls or ceilings, leaks or floods, damage to electrical systems, disruption to attic insulation, chewed marks, and even damage from urination and defecation.

We can take care of all necessary repair works, using high-grade materials that are sturdy enough to withstand potential future animal attacks, and fully restore any affected areas back to their original form. This includes the removal of waste material, such as dead animals or waste material, and complete sanitation and deodorizing.

Wildlife Prevention

Removing nuisance wildlife is just one part of the problem. If entrance holes are left open, animals are free to get back in. If urine containing pheromones aren’t properly cleaned away, they will still send messages to other rats in the vicinity. And if potentially contaminated materials aren’t properly removed, decontaminated, or disposed of, there will still be a big risk of disease.

We can take care of ensuring that no nuisance wildlife causes you problems again, including installing property modifications that make your property unappealing to passing wildlife


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