There isn’t a raccoon problem that we can’t fix — which is a good job as there are a lot of problems associated with nuisance raccoons. Our friendly and trained technicians service residential and commercial properties in the local area, offering a service that is fast, effective, and cost-effective, while at the same time being humane for the nuisance wildlife and safe for other pets or animals.

Raccoon removal plus — the services we offer

We can find and removal live or dead raccoons, find raccoons that have gotten lost somewhere in your home or building, keep raccoons out of the backyard, deal with aggressive raccoons, stop raccoons digging up your lawn (and even restore the lawn), put preventive measures in place to protect fish ponds from raccoon attacks, get raccoons out that are living under your home or building or in your attic, and even repair specialist damage caused by raccoons. This can include replacing attic insulation, repairing attic lining, or replacing broken roof shingles or tile, as well as many other examples.

Raccoon removal and its problems

One of the biggest issues that come with raccoon control and removal is the proximity the trapper or capturer must come to an animal that could potentially be infected with the rabies virus. This is easily passed along to unvaccinated cats, dogs, and other pets or animals, and can even prove deadly to humans if they are bitten and treatment is not received before symptoms start to spring up.

We have the right tools, equipment, and techniques to perform raccoon removal from residential houses, commercial buildings, under or around sheds and garages, under the porch or decking, and more, without harming the animal or creating further risk to you and the property. We can go further than that, too, going on to completely decontaminate and sanitize areas that were previously affected. With raccoons, latrines are a big problem — but we can get rid of latrines, nests, dead raccoons, baby raccoons, and much more.

Even a grown, adult raccoon can gain access to a building or home without alerting anyone, and carry on living within the building for a while without being detected. For the entire time they’re living away, unbeknownst to you, they will be creating damage of some form — waste, chewing, scratching, general scuffling and bumping around, leaving food crumbs around to rot and attract flies or rats/mice, and more.


Raccoons are very prevalent in the everyday lives of millions of Americans. As they have become very well adapted to urban environments, raccoons have been happy to live inside of attics, garages, and other structures that people own. However, due to the wide variety of problems they cause, it is wise to remove raccoons as soon as possible. Continue reading to learn more about raccoons and how you can remove them.

Why Should I Remove Raccoons?

While many people often associate raccoons with the property damage and general mess-making they cause, it is utterly important to realize the health risks that come with raccoons. From rabies to many other dangerous diseases, raccoons can cause serious, potentially fatal health issues for you, your family, and your pets. As can be seen, it is very important to remove these critters from your property as quickly as possible, as they can cause serious health risks.  Since these diseases are so dangerous, it is very important to realize that they can be spread in multiple ways. The most common way diseases are spread is through raccoon feces. Another way, though rare, is through the scratching or biting of a human or pet by a raccoon. Since there is plenty of danger with raccoons, be sure to permanently get rid of them as soon as possible.

 How Can I Prevent Raccoons?

Raccoon prevention is actually easier than most people are led to believe. To reduce a raccoon’s likelihood of coming onto your property, the best thing to do is remove any and all easy food sources and shelter areas. Securing your garbage and any pet food will go a long way in preventing raccoons. Be sure to pick up any fallen fruit from fruit trees. Finally, be sure to clean up your yard very neatly. Be sure to get rid of woodpiles, tall grass and weedy areas, and any other buildup of potential hiding spots for animals. When it comes to preventing raccoons from entering your home, be sure to examine your home from top to bottom and seal up any gaps, cracks, or holes that could potentially allow access for nuisance animals.

How Do I Remove Raccoons?

Removing raccoons by yourself might seem like a simple enough task. It might be surprising, but it can actually present a slew of problems. The biggest problem when removing raccoons is actually due to mother raccoons. More often than not, a raccoon in your attic is generally a mother raccoon that found a great, warm place to have her young. When you remove the mother, the baby raccoons will die slow, painful deaths and will create terrible odors in your home. This is where hiring a wildlife removal company comes into play, as they will search your attic and remove any baby raccoons as well. In addition to providing humane, safe removal for the mother and baby raccoons, pest removal services also know how to prevent any future infestations from occurring. 

Why Hire Washington Wildlife Removal?

If you are looking for a nuisance wildlife removal company that can permanently remove raccoons from your property, give us a call at Washington Wildlife Removal. Not only do we care very much about our clients, but we also provide humane, ethical treatment to any and all raccoons removed. Give Washington Wildlife Removal a call today if you are dealing with a raccoon problem.

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