Is Your Attic a Mess After an Infestation?


Our nationwide list of wildlife control and removal technicians can handle a vast array of wildlife removal and control issues across the USA, including rats and mouse removal, pigeon & other bird removal, opossum removal, woodchuck removal, bat removal, snake removal, squirrel removal, beaver removal, mole removal, raccoon removal, and more.

Wildlife control services

They also offer an even bigger array of services for nuisance wildlife-related problems in service areas, such as: wildlife removal, future wildlife control and prevention, removal and disposal of dead animals, wildlife relocation, wildlife euthanasia, wildlife damage repairs and restorations, and more.

Animal damage repair

They are especially proud to offer a wide assortment of animal damage repair services, providing replacement and repair of soffits, replacement & repair of fasciae, full or partial replacement of contaminated or moved/damaged attic insulation, full cleanup of feces and other waste material, safely installing exclusion devices in optimal areas, one-off and ongoing animal trapping, and full decontamination and odor removal.

Animal removal services in Washington

All technicians and companies listed have experience and complete training on how to best approach problems with nuisance animals — and offer a more in-depth service than pest control companies that typically deal with insects and much smaller pest problems. They are all fully insured, and 100% licensed and accredited to work in the state of Washington.

Washington State

Located in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, Washington State was named after the very first President of the United States: George Washington; and it became the 42nd state of the Union in 1889. Out of all US states, Washington is the 18th largest, and the 13th most populous, and one of the most “socially progressive” as well as wealthiest.

Common nuisance wildlife in Washington State includes rats and mice, raccoons, birds, badgers, big brown and little brown bats, coyotes, squirrels, elk, deer, and moose.


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