Unwelcomed Wildlife Can Throw a Wrench in Your Workday


Whether you have a large apartment block to wildlife-proof, or a condominium, a retail outlet store, a huge warehouse, or even an industrial building site, we can handle the job. We have a team of dedicated and highly-skilled experts who each have any years of experience working alongside the animals you’re having problems with. That experience is what gives up the upper hand when it comes to figuring out the wildlife’s next step.

How our wildlife removal services work?

When you call us, we’ll ask questions about your wildlife issue, including what animal you think it is, where the damage is located, and how long you think it has been going on for. Our friendly and trained call handlers use that information to better serve you. If you have a minor problem that can be solved with a small tweak and some great advice, that’s exactly what we’ll give you. Not even job requires our attendance, and we’ll never charge you for extras, or work that your property doesn’t need.

A job that does require our attendance will always be met by a free ballpark quote, though a full inspection gives us access to the extent of the problem, and then, in turn, the extend of the fee. All services are agreed before work is started, with no hidden extras. 

We pride ourselves on offering our business and domestic clients the very best service, which is why we aim to offer same-day appointments in as many cases as we can, also working alongside our clients’ busy schedules at awkward hours. 


If you’re experiencing problems with nuisance animals on your commercial property, we are the right people to turn to. Our staff members are all experienced and trained to the highest level, as well as regularly attending training seminars to ensure that modern and effective approaches to commercial wildlife removal are used.

It doesn’t matter when you need us, we’ll be ready — at weekends, in the evening, and even on holidays. We can handle big jobs or small jobs with ease, and we can even offer ongoing services, such as regular and routine property visits for a full pest control solution. We’re also available for a one-off commercial wildlife removal job. 

Just a few of the nuisance animals that we can help you with are: bats, birds, snakes, sparrows, beavers, squirrels, rats, mice, raccoons, opossums, otters, armadillos, geese, pigeons, dead animals, starlings, and many more. We can personally guarantee that we will have the right approach – and the right tools – to get the job done safely and effectively.

When you put your job in our hands, you’re putting it in the hands of technicians who only use humane and safe methods of commercial wildlife removal — and we’re fully licensed and insured (with commercial liability insurance) to work on commercial properties. We understand that it’s not just residential homes that suffer the plight of nuisance wildlife.

Whether you need to eliminate pests from an apartment block or a retail property, an office building or a large warehouse, we can help you out, regardless of the size or type of pest problem. Our technicians will work alongside property owners to ensure that treatment plans are fully tailored for the individual properties we’re called to service, putting approaches in place that don’t just work as effective commercial wildlife removal but also suit the property owner, too.

Alongside commercial wildlife removal, we can offer you a range of related services, such as

  • nuisance wildlife locating
  • trapping and removing wildlife
  • preventing nuisance wildlife from returning
  • installing exclusion devices
  • humane wildlife euthanasia
  • complete restorations and repairs
  • full decontamination and waste material cleanup
  • property modifications to prevent future issues, including the installation of fences, bird wires or strips, and more.

No matter the problem, or the time of day or night, we’re here for your call. Tell us what your nuisance wildlife issue is and our highly-skilled technicians will be dispatched as soon as possible


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